Home Solar Viability Assessment

Independent advice to know if solar is right for you and what size suits your needs.

Home Solar Viability Assessment

Is installing solar right for you?

Installing a solar panel system on your home seems like the right thing to do to reduce your electricity bills.

However, without a properly designed system or installing a system unsuitable for your needs can leave you disappointed and wondering why your power bills are still high with solar.

The truth is that most reasons for a poor solar return could have been avoided with a professional Solar Viability Assessment, before signing up for solar.

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What is a Solar Viability Assessment?

A Solar Viability Assessment is a service performed by one of our trained energy efficiency consultants to help you know whether investing in solar is right for you.

It involves taking the time to understand how your home uses its power, determining whether installing solar will benefit you, and, if so, designing a system that achieves your goals.

Each household uniquely uses energy, and for some, most of their usage is in the evening.  Knowing the percentage of daytime and nighttime usage is critical for designing solar and, unfortunately, is not information Energy Retailers reveal on your energy bill.  You can only gather this information if your energy meter has been upgraded to a digital smart meter or by installing an energy monitoring system.

Most solar companies with sales teams that sell solar only look at your total usage and suggest an off-the-shelf system size to cover your entire usage.  With claims that you will use 80% to 90% of what the system produces, it makes the case for investing in solar look really good.

Our approach is different ……

With a Solar Viability Assessment, you will:

»  Receive independent advice from a qualified energy consultant with over 10 years of solar, electrical, and efficiency experience
»  Understand how your site uses energy, empowering you to make better-informed decisions
»  Have peace of mind that the investment you make in solar is right for your needs
»  Have confidence that the system designed for you considers your needs now and in the future
»  Get guidance on which top-quality products you should install
»  Avoid the pitfalls of buying solar from a commission-driven salesperson

Who can benefit from a Solar Viability Assessment?

Make informed decisions, before you buy Solar