Solar Health Check

Solar panel check ups in Brisbane and surrounding areas to discover if your solar panel system is working correctly.

Is your solar panel system working?

A solar health check is the first step in knowing whether your existing solar panel system is working.

Whether you’ve just purchased a home with a solar panel system, or perhaps you installed a solar panel system years ago and are not quite sure if things are still working, we can help.

What’s a Solar Health Check?

With a solar health check, you will have a CEC accredited solar technician and licensed electrician inspect your solar panel system so you can know if it’s working correctly and safely.

As part of the site visit, we may inspect any of the following:

  • The inverter, to ensure the system is online and operating within its normal ranges.

  • Isolators for signs of damage or burn out

  • The panels for deterioration, discolouration, or damage

  • Racking and cabling for signs of damage, wear, or other issues

residential solar check

You will receive advice on what to do next based on the Solar Health Check findings.

Some common causes we’ve discovered for systems not working correctly include:

»  The solar panel system inverter needs to be replaced
»  The entire system is faulty and needs replacing
»  Burnt out rooftop isolators
»  Incorrectly wired or installed systems.  Eg. A single phase solar panel system installed on a three phase wired property
»  Systems that were installed but never turned on or commissioned

Get answers and peace of mind about the health of your solar panel system.

Prices start from $150 + GST*

* Price depends on your location and includes the visit + the first 30 mins onsite

Find out if your system is working correctly.