Reduced Energy Costs for QLD Schools

The Energy Efficiency Project carried out by Glasshouse Christian College has proven to save energy, reduce operational costs and has given students the opportunity to learn about sustainability in a real-world environment.

Glasshouse Chrisitan College

Glasshouse Christian College

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What We Found

»  26% of energy used was from lighting
»  10% of energy used was from nightly charging of Ipads
»  Uncorrected power factor was costing the school $2,800 per year
»  Inefficient practices of leaving air conditioning on whilst windows were open

Integrated Solution

By conducting an Electrical Energy Audit Investigation, we learned how and when the school consumed its energy.  This was a key component to knowing which energy saving solutions produced the greatest savings results for the least amount of investment, which included:

  • Replacing existing lighting with education approved LED lights

  • On-Site generation of energy by installing up to 39kW of Solar PV Systems

  • Installing timers for lighting & air conditioning circuits

  • A review of the school’s tariff / electricity billing rates

  • An additional 37.44kW Solar PV System was installed as phase 2

Project Outcomes

30% Reduction in Annual Bill Cost
75% Reduction in Carbon Emissions
reduce my energy bills


*Includes a 7% Electricity Price Rise

Benefits Realised

  • Improved Student Focus with Education Approved Lighting

  • Project completed on time & within budget

  • Under 4 year Return On Investment

  • Reduced Lighting Maintenance Costs

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“Electrical Energy Savers offered the school a holistic approach – coming to the table with ‘out of the box’ thinking and breaking up solutions into factual returns, allowing us to tailor the best outcome…..”

Glasshouse Christian College BeewahJohn Dohler | Business Manager, Glasshouse Christian College