QLD Household Battery Booster Program

A QLD Government Rebate Scheme for eligible households to install batteries.

What is the Battery Booster Program?

The newly launched Battery Booster rebate program by the Queensland Government offers financial assistance to eligible Queenslanders who purchase and install home battery energy storage systems, particularly to complement new or existing rooftop solar systems. This initiative aims to empower households to manage their electricity consumption better and reduce energy costs.

Who is Eligible?

To qualify for the rebate, homeowners must meet the following criteria:

  • Have a combined household income of less than $180,000.

  • Own the residential property in Queensland, where the battery system will be installed.

  • Have a solar PV system with a minimum 5kW capacity, or be willing to install one concurrently with the battery system.

  • Use an approved battery system listed on the Approved Battery Systems list, with a capacity of 6kWh or larger.

  • Choose an approved installer from the Approved Installer list for system installation.

  • Purchase and install the system on or after 12 February 2024.

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Battery Rebates Available

Standard Rebate: Up to $3,000 for households with a combined income of less than $180,000.

Low-Income Rebate: Up to $4,000 for households where the highest income earner earned $66,667 or less for the most recently ended financial year.

How To Apply

The application process consists of two stages:

Stage 1 – Conditional Approval »

Obtain a quote from an approved installer and apply for conditional approval before committing to the purchase.

Stage 2 – Rebate Approval »

After installation and full payment, submit your rebate application and required documents.

Getting started is easy ….

Visit the QLD Government Website for further details.

Let Us Assist You

Things to consider before requesting a quote from us

Not all households may benefit from installing batteries. It’s important to gather the right information and carefully consider these factors before making a decision.
»  The risks associated with lithium batteries
»  The quality of the products you are installing and the manufacturer’s warranty terms
»  Your expectations vs the reality of the outcomes you will achieve by installing batteries
»  The significance of the investment vs the actual benefit you will receive
»  Batteries can take anywhere between 5 & 10 years before the investment pays for itself. (are you ok with this?)
»  Do you plan on moving house before the system has paid for itself?
»  Is your existing solar panel system compatible with a battery system?
»  Does your existing system need upgrading or complete replacement before a battery can be installed?
»  Have you explored ways to reduce the amount of energy you use?

Our approach to providing you with a battery storage solution

At Electrical Energy Savers, we understand that installing batteries for your home is a significant investment. It’s not just about installing a battery. It’s about creating a solution that fits your specific needs. We don’t give quick quotes. We take time to analyse your unique situation and guide you through a personalised educational process to carefully design a solution tailored to your unique circumstances that will leave you satisfied with the results.

To start your journey, request a Strategy Session by filling in the questionnaire.