Reduced Energy Costs For Manufacturing

Manufacturing and engineering facilities use a significant amount of electricity, causing many of these businesses to think investing in solar is the only way to reduce their energy costs. Gympie Packhouse discovered that implementing solutions that improved energy efficiency, they could achieve more significant energy savings, increased productivity, and enhanced safety in their workplace.

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Gympie Packhouse

The Problem

Gympie Packhouse, a packing and processing facility owned by a group of local produce farmers, spent an average of $3,940 per month on electricity. They commonly used more power in the cooler months of the year and consumed 41% of their energy outside daylight hours, primarily attributed to running 5 cold rooms on site.

The several solar quotes they obtained gave them conflicting recommendations for system sizes that left them feeling confused about the best way to move forward.

What We Found

» 17% of the energy used was from old fluro lighting
» 76% of the energy used was from running 5 cool rooms
» Lighting levels were relatively low for the work performed
» The facility commonly replaced blown fluro tubes with LED tubes. This practice resulted in zero energy savings due to the ballasts in the fittings not being removed.
» Uncorrected power factor was costing them $19,000 per year in Demand Costs
» Incorrectly Sized Solar – The solar quotes suggested they needed a 100kW system and based this on their total consumption. Installing this size system would have been an overinvestment of 70% due to almost half of the site’s energy usage being outside daylight hours and Energex not allowing excess solar to be exported to the grid for a feed-in-tariff.

Integrated Energy Saving Solution

The Electrical Energy Audit Investigation revealed the following solutions as the most viable for the site’s energy consumption:

  • Replacing existing lighting with LED lights that met lighting standards
  • On-Site generation of energy by installing up to 39.6kW of Solar PV Systems

  • Installation of optimisation devices for the cold rooms

  • Installation of a Power Factor Correction Unit to reduce Demand Costs
  • A review of the facility’s electricity billing rates to source a better deal

Project Outcomes

46% Reduction in Annual Bill Cost
48% Reduction in Carbon Emissions
25% Project Return On Investment
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Benefits Realised

  • Increased productivity with lighting levels brought up to standard

  • Project completed on time & within budget

  • Under 4 year Return On Investment

  • Reduced Lighting Maintenance Costs

  • Achieved higher energy savings for a lower investment than adding a 100kW solar panel system

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“Even after one month since the project completion, the savings predicted by Electrical Energy Savers are already flowing through by showing a substantial decrease in our electricity expenditure.  It has been an absolute pleasure dealing with Michael and the team…..”

Allan Cross | Finance Manager, Gympie Packhouse