Reduced Energy Costs for QLD Sporting Clubs

For busy REC Club management, seeking to obtain accurate, non sales driven information to assist them with implementing a “no regret” energy reduction solution, an Energy Efficiency Audit Investigation ticked all the boxes.

Logan REC Club

Logan Recreational & Sporting Club

reduced electricity costs for pubs and clubs

The Problem

The Logan REC Club management were searching for ways to reduce their energy costs at a time when commercial solar was not considered viable.  The Club needed a strategy that worked within their budget constraints and that delivered energy cost savings within a 4 year payback period.

What We Found

»  27% of energy used was from lighting
»  10% of energy used was from hand dryers
»  Uncorrected power factor was costing the Club $1,000 per month
»  Approx. 45% of the Club’s power usage was at night

Integrated Solution

By conducting an Electrical Energy Audit Investigation, we learned how and when the site consumed its energy.  This was a key component to knowing which energy saving solutions produced the greatest savings results for the least amount of investment, which included:

  • Replacing existing lighting with high quality LED lights

  • On-Site generation of energy by installing a 24kW Solar PV System

  • A review of the Club’s tariff / electricity billing rates

  • A Power Factor Correction Unit was installed as phase 2

Project Outcomes

15% Reduction in Annual Bill Cost
21% Reduction in Carbon Emissions
reduce my energy bills



*Includes a 7% Electricity Price Rise.
*Phase 2 – Produced a further annual bill saving of approx. $12,226

Benefits Realised

  • Improved ambiance with better lighting levels

  • Project completed on time & within budget

  • Minimum impact on use of the Club by members and guests

  • Reduced lighting maintenance costs

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“Electrical Energy Savers walked me through all the information and gave me great confidence that they could deliver real and quantifiable solutions to our energy cost issues……”

Logan REC clubStephen Ryan | General Manager, Logan REC Club