Reduced Energy Costs For Aged Care Facilities

Aged care facilities in Australia consume a significant amount of electrical energy. Given the rising energy costs and the increasing focus on environmental sustainability, aged care facilities need to prioritise energy efficiency.

Tabeel Aged Care Facility

LED lighting for aged care facility

The Problem

Aged care facilities use energy differently from other commercial premises as they serve as both a home for residents and a business with offices, staff, kitchens and laundry.

Ensuring that solutions are suitable for the comfort and safety of staff and residents must be considered when evaluating efficiency improvements for aged care facilities.

Planned renovations and roof limitations due to being located over resident rooms restricted the size of a solar panel system for the facility.

What We Found

» 25% of the energy used was from old, inefficient fluro lighting
» Lighting levels varied and were insufficient in some areas, although good levels of natural light were also present.
» An inconsistent use of light types used throughout the facility that varied in age.
» Just over 50% of the energy used by the site was from heating and cooling units
» Peak demand spikes changed between lunchtime in the warmer months and early morning in the cooler months.

Integrated Energy Saving Solution

The Electrical Energy Audit Investigation revealed the following solutions as the most viable for the site’s energy consumption:

  • Replaced all existing lighting with LED lights that met lighting standards
  • On-Site generation of energy by installing up to 36.3kW of Solar PV Systems*

  • Installation of optimisation devices for 35 air conditioning units deemed suitable for optimisation.

*  This sized system was the largest we could install at the time, given the renovation works proposed for the site.

Project Outcomes

34% Reduction In Annual Bill Cost
33% Reduction In Carbon Emissions
28% Project Return On Investment
22% Reduction In AC Running Costs
reduce my energy bills



Benefits Realised

  • Staff & resident morale lifted, and a notable decrease in glare headaches was reported by staff due to improved lighting levels.

  • Project was completed on time & within budget

  • 3.5 year return on investment (using low tariff rates at the time)

  • Reduced lighting maintenance cost with a 5-year commercial warranty across most of the range.

  • Aesthetic improvement to the facility with consistent, more modern lighting installed.

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