Reduced energy costs for apartment buildings

Brisbane’s Northside apartment building improves its energy efficiency and significantly reduces community power costs.

Brisbane’s Northside apartment building saves approx. $1,450 a month on electricity costs. 

The Problem

This 6-storey apartment building in Brisbane’s Northside was spending $2,500 per month on electricity for community areas.

These areas included a heated pool, two lifts, open corridors, and 3 levels of basement car parking.

The Body Corporate was exploring the installation of solar. However, they received conflicting recommendations for system sizes, leaving them unsure of what to do next.

Edenview Apartments

The building management decided to undertake an energy audit investigation to determine the best way to reduce their electricity costs.
As a first step, monitoring was installed to capture information about how and when they were using their energy so that energy waste could be identified and addressed.

Energy Monitoring

The monitoring revealed that adjustments needed to be made to the pool pump running times to avoid peaks.

What We Found

» 62% of the energy used was from old fluro lighting
» 33% of the energy used was from running the pool heater 11 hours per day, 7 days per week
» Carpark and hallway lighting was on 24 hours per day
»The first solar companies quoted without structural engineering. Due to the building’s height, we proposed an engineering analysis, which found that while the roof structure could handle the system’s weight, the roof sheet wind loadings were unclear, limiting panel placement.

Integrated Energy Saving Solution

The Electrical Energy Audit Investigation revealed the following solutions as the most viable for the site’s energy consumption:

  • Replacing existing lighting with LED lights that met lighting standards
  • On-Site generation of energy by installing a 32.4 kW of Solar PV Systems

  • Changes to the pool heater pump running times to reduce peak demand spike charges

  • A review of the facility’s electricity billing rates to source a better deal

Project Outcomes

58% Reduction in Annual Bill Cost
65% Reduction in Carbon Emissions
27% Project Return On Investment
reduce my energy bills



Benefits Realised

  • Increased safety with lighting levels brought up to standard

  • Project completed on time & within budget

  • Under 4 year Return On Investment

  • Reduced Lighting Maintenance Costs

  • A correctly sized Solar PV System installed safely within engineering limits.

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