Commercial Solar Viability Assessments

Independent advice to know if solar is right for you and what size suits your needs.

Is Solar a viable solution for your business?

Installing a solar power system at your business premises seems like the right thing to do to reduce your electricity bills.

However, without a well-designed system, installing a system that is incorrectly sized for your needs could leave you feeling disappointed and wondering why your electricity bills have not decreased after installing solar.

A Solar Viability Assessment is the first step in knowing whether installing solar is a viable solution and ensures you get the most from your investment in solar.

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What is a Solar Viability Assessment?

A Solar Viability Assessment is a service performed by one of our trained energy efficiency consultants to help you determine if installing solar panels is a good investment for your business.

Every business has a unique way of using energy. Some use most of their power during the day, whereas others also use a large portion at night. It’s important to know when you’re using energy so that a solar panel system can be designed accordingly.

The best way to do this is to obtain interval usage data for the site from your Energy Retailer, if the site’s meter is programmed to record it, or by installing an energy monitor.

Many solar companies provide commercial solar quotes without considering the actual usage patterns of the business.  They size their systems based on the amount of roof space available or assume that most energy usage occurs during daytime business hours.

This can lead to the business investing too heavily in solar when a smaller system would be less expensive and provide a better return on investment.

Our approach to solar is different ……

With a Solar Viability Assement, you will:

»  Receive independent advice from a qualified energy consultant with over 10 years of solar, electrical, and efficiency experience
»  Understand how your site uses energy, empowering you to make better-informed decisions
»  Have peace of mind that the investment you make in solar is right for your needs
»  Have confidence that the system designed for you considers your needs now and in the future
»  Get guidance on which top-quality products you should install
»  Avoid the pitfalls of buying solar from a commission-driven salesperson

Make informed decisions, before you buy Solar

Getting started is easy ….

Meet with an independent energy consultant to help you get clarity on the energy reduction solutions that are right for your needs.

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