Business Energy Audits

Maximise your energy savings with an Electrical Energy Audit Investigation

What is an Energy Audit?

An Energy Audit investigates how your site uses electricity to uncover inefficiencies and identify areas where energy savings can be made by applying solutions to improve efficiency.

What are the benefits of an Energy Audit?

There are many benefits to undertaking an energy audit before investing in ways to reduce your energy costs.

While solar is a great way to offset your daytime consumption, it doesn’t fix the underlying cause of your high energy use or help if you mostly consume energy at night.  By looking deeper at how you consume energy, you may find that there are lower-cost solutions to invest in that can give you more significant savings.

By addressing energy waste first, you reduce your site’s consumption which often means you don’t need as much solar.

Other benefits of an Energy Audit Investigation include:

»  Identifying where and how much energy you’re wasting
»  Knowing your existing carbon footprint & carbon emission reductions by implementing solutions
»  Helping you sort through the confusion and show you the best course of action for your site’s needs
»  Having a tailored strategy for energy saving, showing you the most viable solutions
»  Helping you avoid investing in the wrong solution

Types of Energy Audits

There are three main types of energy audits for commercial buildings under the Australian Standards.

Free Energy Audits that are provided by the Government are typically Type 1 audits. 

We conduct Type 2 & 3 – Energy Audit Investigations focusing on electrical energy so you can know the capital investment and expected return on implementing the recommended solutions.

Areas we typically investigate

  • Lighting Systems

  • Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC)

  • Refrigeration

  • Solar & Battery Storage Viability

  • Peak demand reduction

  • And much more ….

What happens during an Energy Audit?

Getting started is easy …..